Must-See Videos

We are not suggesting that these are the only “must see” climate videos; they certainly aren’t.

Bear in mind that these are links to external videos, most in YouTube, and such links can break. We’d welcome your letting us know that you encountered a dead link.

If you're not familiar with it you should watch what is probably the most watched climate change video ever, and the first on the list! "What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” is one of dozens put together by high-school teacher George Craven more than a decade ago, and watched more than 10 million times. It's both amusing and informative. You can access the full collection in the Climate Web through this link:

How it All Ends - The ultimate climate change video series

Jonathan Haidt's 2012 video is also very much worth watching for anyone interested in climate change.

How Wolves Change Rivers is a fascinating look at the workings of complex systems.